This page contains radon related resources that can be used to spread awareness within your community. If you have a valuable resource you would like listed, please contact us.

Radon Resources

User Submitted Radon Levels - A report of radon levels submitted by our users that shows up to date results for your state.

Radon Mitigation Comparison Chart - A comparison chart of all radon mitigation techniques and their costs

Radon Contractors Checklist - A nice checklist to help you prepare for hiring a radon contractor

Radon Testing Methods - A description of the various radon testing methods available to test your home or business

Radon Glossary - A glossary of radon related terms

Government Radon Websites

CDC - Radon in the Home - A comprehensive description of the dangers of radon in your home from the Center for Disease Control

EPA Radon Q&A - A customer service page for public questions about Radon. Commonly asked questions are already displayed with is very helpful - Radon -'s page dedicated to the dangers of radon

Radon Facts Facts about Radon -'s page with various radon facts

EPA Basic Radon Facts - EPA's radon fact page

Radon Fact Sheet - A fact sheet filled with quick radon facts to commit to memory for your next neighborhood discussion

Radon and Real Estate

EPA - Radon and Real Estate - EPA's coverage of radon and it's impact on real estate transactions, financing radon costs and the ASHI checklist for home inspectors

EPA Homebuyers Guide to Radon - A great resource on all things having to do with radon, your home and potential real estate transactions

What's the Deal with Radon and Real Estate? - Our summary of the confusing mess of state mandated radon real estate laws and disclosures

Can I sell my home with high radon? - A frequently asked question we provide insight on

What is a Radon Gas Disclosure? - A frequently asked question regarding radon gas disclosures and their meaning

Radon Test Kits

Compare Radon Test Kits - Compare radon test kits side by side for the do it yourself

Where are the best Places to Buy Radon Testing Kits Online - Find out where you can buy test kits on the internet Test Products - A wide array of radon products from that includes testing materials

Radon Education/Training

NRPP/AARST Certification - Learn how to get certified by the National Radon Proficiency Program a certification division of AARST

Builder and Contractor Resources for Radon-Resistant Construction - Best practices for radon resistant construction

How to Build Your Own Radon Detector - For the do it yourselfer...learn how to build your own radon detector

Regional Radon Training Centers - Regional radon training/certification centers to become a licensed radon professional

Radon Infographics

INFOGRAPHIC: Facts About Radon - A infographic depicting facts about radon

Shareable Resources from the CDC About Radon - CDC page includes lots of shareable infographics, images, pdfs to spread radon awareness

Radon Infographics - A great resource for radon facts in visual form to help spread radon awareness

Radon Equipment/Manufacturers

Durridge - Professional Radon Equipment

AccuStar Test Kits

Radon Widgets/Tools

Radon Fact Widget - Embed our one of a kind FREE Radon Fact Widget directly on your site! - Did You Know? - Did You Know? widgets about Radon you can place on your site from