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Radon Contractor Checklist

Use the checklist below while considering a radon contractor for your mitigation job. There are many qualified contractors available for the job, but you should be prepared by asking a few questions to make sure you have the right person for your home.

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Radon Contractor Checklist

  • Did the contractor offer references and photos of previous projects ‘before’ and ‘after’ it was completed?
  • Can the contractor explain the chosen system for your home in detail? What will be required of the contractor? How long will the project take to complete? How will the reduction system work?
  • Will the contractor perform a diagnostic test, and will they charge you for it?
  • Did the contractor inspect the foundation and design of your home before coming up with a mitigation plan and offering a cost estimate?
  • Is the cost estimate firm and reasonable? More importantly, has the contractor settled upon a definite price for the entire length of the project – no matter what issues arise?
  • Did the contractor review previous testing results and their accuracy?
  • Did the contractor show proof of state or national certification credentials?
  • Did the contractor offer proof of liability insurance, proof of being bonded and any additional licenses required by the state?
  • Is the contractor going to include or install a warning device such as a detector to alert you if the reduction system is not working properly?
  • Is the contractor planning to test the radon levels multiple times after the reduction system has been installed, and is such a thing noted in the contract?
  • Has the contractor guaranteed to reduce radon levels below 4 pCi/L and for how long?
  • Are the necessary components and the system under a limited warranty?

If you follow everything mentioned on the checklist above you should be all set! Of course, if you want to become more familar with radon levels, testing for radon or the mitigation process you can view all of the resources we have available here on the site.