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Washington DC Radon Information

Washington DC Radon Program:

Radon Website: Website
Radon Contact: Keith Keemer
Active Radon Program: Yes
Require License for Radon Professionals: No

Washington DC, formerly known as the District of Columbia, is the capital of the United States. As per the US Constitution, the District is under jurisdiction of the US Congress and as such it is not considered a part of any state. It is the 24th most populous area in the country with a population that totaled 646,449 in 2013. It is also the 7th largest metropolitan area in the entire country.

DC does have an active radon program, dedicated to educating citizens about the risks associated with the deadly gas. You can find more information on Radon, testing and mitigation at the official page.

The radon levels in DC are above average in many areas of the state. There’s an increased risk for all homeowners, which is why we recommend testing exposure levels at least twice a year.

Washington DC Radon Contractor License Information

Does Washington DC require contractors to be licensed? No.

What are the licensing requirements? There are no state mandated requirements to become a licensed radon contractor in Washington DC. Those looking for a radon certification can take qualified third party courses that are offered through the NRPP or AARST.

Washington DC Radon Real Estate Requirements

Does the state of Washington DC require radon testing for all real estate transactions? No

However both the state of Washington DC and the EPA recommend that a home or residence should be tested before a real estate transaction is carried out. Even though Washington DC does not require radon testing, we certainly recommend you have a test performed before you purchase a home. If you decide to perform a test after and find elevated levels, there is no reason to panic. Washington DC radon mitigation is not expensive compared to the dangers and a system can be implemented in a relatively short period of time.

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